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How does Groupcarbuy benefit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and dealers?

Groupcarbuy is an online portal that offers some of the best business deals to car owners and buyers. It helps dealers and original equipment manufacturers ( OEMs ) in selling their cars. Dealers and OEMs are allowed to post as many car sale ads on this website and get suitable group buyers for their cars. These group buyers get group car purchasing deals at the best rates.

The portal enables all buyers to get the highest price reductions while buying cars in groups. It displays several posts by various car deals and manufacturers regarding car buying offers. It updates group car buyers regarding the most recent bulk car purchasing offers on a weekly basis. The website speaks volumes about cars, their different models and other car companies.

It helps car buyers to save money and offers car deals and car services at the most reasonable prices. It simplifies the buying procedures for the buyers and makes them tension free. It provides them competitive rates of interest. This is made possible due to its connections with numerous banks. Groupcarbuy offers loans ( through these banks ) to the buyers on the basis of their earnings and according to their needs.

As per a worldwide research, it has been found that around 85% of all car owners are NOT looking to buy a new car anywhere in the next 12 months, however 1 out of every 5 car owners is keen towards becoming a new car buyer even today if he/she is able to obtain a heavy discount on the purchase of the new car. Groupcarbuy.in has emerged as a win-win for the car buyers and the car manufacturers/dealers.

There are numerous advantages of registering as a car OEM/dealer with Groupcarbuy.in. The website acts as an excellent platform for the car dealers and OEM’s to showcase the exclusive features of their cars to a huge population of car buyers who love purchasing cars in bulk if provided with an attractive discount. As an added advantage, Groupcarbuy also acts as an innovate channel to push excess stock of cars so as to be sold at extremely impressive prices. The website doesn’t act as a competition ground for the car dealers, but allows them to attain their business goals in a much more convenient manner. All the deals posted by the registered car dealers of Groupcarbuy are instantly send across to the members who have registered as potential bulk car buyers. So, what keeps you waiting? If you too are stressed about the effective sale of your cars, simply register with us and witness what all we can help you out with.

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