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Fixing the budget for a car

One of the issues that most car buyers need to ponder over when they are buying a new car is how much they can spend on acquiring the vehicle. There are few people in this world who have the unlimited resources to simply spend any amount of money they want on a brand new vehicle. Most people earn a certain sum of money, and out of that sum they need to allot a particular amount for making their purchase. The first question that they need to ask of themselves is whether they are going to purchase a firsthand vehicle or a second hand vehicle. First hand vehicles are more expensive than second hand vehicles. If they plan to purchase a firsthand vehicle then they need to keep aside a larger sum of money. On the other hand if they are in the market for a second hand vehicle then they can think of getting a car for a smaller sum of money. There are many buyers who take a loan for acquiring their car. They would need to think about whether they can afford to repay the loan amount or not. There are some buyers who might already be having other debts that they need to factor in their decision. If they have taken a home loan on their house they would have an instalment that they would have to pay every month. Then there are the monthly household expenses that they have to factor in. If the buyer has kids, school and tuition expenses would come into the picture. Money also needs to be kept aside for any untowardly expenses that always crop up when one is running a household. All these factors would have to be taken into account when the loan is being taken and that would subsequently decide if a certain car is affordable or not. The quality of the car and the value that the buyer is getting for it also needs to be looked at. If the quality of the car is not very high and if the buyer is going to be forced to get back into the market for a new car very soon then he is facing a potential waste of money. He needs to get a car that would not break down easily. He should be able to save on maintenance charges and also have the car running smoothly for a long...

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